Bio DG is a material science company specializing in the development of novel metal systems for use as bioabsorbable materials for implantable medical devices. The Bio DG bioabsorbable materials are primarily metallic and provide high strength when first implanted and gradually erode, being replaced by the body’s own tissue. The Company’s bioabsorbable metal alloys can be used for long or short term implantable devices and are absorbed without the need for a subsequent surgery to remove the device, after the site has fully healed.

Bio DG has developed and patented bioabsorbable alloy systems that have different ranges of strength and absorption rates. Bio DG offers metals in ingot, sheet, foil, tubular and wire forms under supply agreements to strategic partners, who develop, manufacture and distribute medical device products built from the Company’s unique metals.

Bio DG is a corporation formed under the laws of the state of Delaware in February 2009 to develop bioabsorbable alloys for medical device implants. The Company is led by an experienced management team with a proven track record in the medical device industry. Founded by Gordon F. Janko, Herbert Radisch, Tom Trozera and Dennis Vigil, the team had been working together more that 20 years designing, engineering, manufacturing and marketing novel medical devices. Recently the Company has brought on experienced consultants to help promote and market bio-alloys to potential strategic partners.

Bio DG has two US patents (US 8246762 B2 & US8591672 B2) issued covering their unique bioabsorbable iron-based alloys.

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