Bio DG has developed and patented materials that address an unmet need in medicine by providing bioabsorbable materials that exhibit high strength and at the same time are absorbed by the body in a way that does not prematurely lose bulk strength, particulate or become mobile outside of the site of initial implantation. The alloys were engineered to dissolve from the exterior surfaces, without compromising the internal integrity, thus retaining the strength of the remaining undissolved portion of the implant throughout the absorption period. All Bio DG alloys may be formed into shapes using common forming techniques, such as rolling, machining, grinding, electric discharge machining, chemical etching and electro-polishing.

The alloys have been engineered to be non-toxic to the host. Because all of the elements in a bioabsorbable implant are eventually absorbed into the and body fluids, the alloys are formulated to be absorbed without toxic reactions.

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