In orthopedics there is a need for a bioabsorbable product that provides the necessary strength to torque ratio of compression screws, without having to tap or drill a pilot hole, which results in a savings of procedure time and money. Having an implant that will slowly transfer load bearing weight to the healing bone provides for more natural and more complete healing. In pediatrics, the need to schedule a second surgery to remove an implant is necessary due to the device hindering growth and causing possible complications.

In cardiovascular medicine, the current polymer stents have been accepted as being an advance over permanent metal stents by allowing the vessel wall to conform to more natural movement. However, the polymers are not strong enough to treat all lesions, therefore, the maximum benefit is in denovo lesions much like early angioplasty. Calcific and ostial lesions need the strength of a metal alloy that can provide sufficient strength during treatment and through the period of vessel healing. Bio DG designed bio-alloys with the characteristics required for coronary stents with the necessary strength, plastic deformation and strain hardening to maintain luminal integrity while the vessel remodels.

In certain surgeries there is a need of a bioabsorbable material that can be made into staples and clamps to avoid complications or an unwanted second surgery. The Company has engineered its bio-alloys with enough ductility to allow for plastic deformation during placement that will enable surgical staples and vascular clamps to be developed for certain procedures.

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